Life is a mystery. It’s like an unfinished puzzle with missing pieces scattered all over.

People wake up every sunrise trying to meet up with expectations, deadlines , brought to existence by the unknown. We tend to behave like little children; Children who are still searching for “Self”. We emulate and imitate what we see in others and consider majority as the most acceptable . We are now ruled almost completely by trends.

However, I’m using this means to bring to your understanding that you and I are treading on the wrong path.

I , personally, loves getting in on celebrity gossips but in as much as I love the way they look and all ,I always try not to compete with them but instead use them as a motivation or rather an inspiration.

That feeling when I’m staring at Rihanna and I’m like “I will get there..just need to keep pushing…” . Nobody was born perfect , you can only work towards perfection and funny enough , no one has ever won that race.

I’ve always been a curious person; I’ve always been curious about life and its mysteries. Seeking knowledge every single day but still feeling like there’s still a lot I don’t know yet.

Personalities , with regards to psychology, have always been my favorite topic of discussion and study.

Knowing who you are and who your friend and relatives are is something I consider very vital. Sometimes ,you do things because society says so, you act the way they want you to and you feel perfect , pleasing every one that comes your way; Yeah, it feels great but deep down, you’re crushing your entire being. Have you stopped to think? “What do I really want?” , ” How do I feel like reacting to this? Am I really okay with it or do I need to yell?…” , When you question yourself in this manner, you will find that you’ve been faking it all your life, it’s like you’re trapped in a movie , playing a character that isn’t you in any form.

You want to be a good friend, sister, brother..and you don’t wanna hurt anyone but you’re fine with hurting yourself.

It happens to most people and they don’t even realize it. You should be your priority in life , especially when it comes to emotions.

You can’t make others happy if you’re depressed inside. Check first if you’re smiling before you put a smile on another face.

Know who you are and break free from that fake role you took on, be confident in who you are. You’re not weak sweetie, you’re just too good for your own good ,and you also need a boost in your self confidence.

Don’t be scared of loosing people, let them fear loosing you. You are just as important as they are or even more.

If you need to lose them to love you then let it be , but never lose yourself to love someone else.

I believe you know who you are deep down, you’re just scared that the world may not like that version of you . Embrace who you are now ,self -acceptance is the first step in the journey to a happy life.

Be the reason you are smiling ….

And to be frank with you sweetie, “No one can love you more than you..”

You just need to be who you are , I’m stretching forth my arms through this medium and I hope my words can pull you out of that dark world into a beautiful light .

Remember, Self acceptance is the key!!!

Poems And Poetry

A letter to my true love…

Swimming in the ocean of love

My heart dances at every beat

My mind sings a mystery tune

As waves of emotions sweeps me off my feet

Oh my love!

Words will never explain

Neither will actions ever display

The bliss that comes from the feel of your presence

And the emptiness that drowns me in your absence

I never knew what it meant to love

Thought all this while it wasn’t real

The day we met I finally understood

That love was a treasure hidden in your eyes

My love is pure , real and true

My love was made by and for you.

The soothing love I feel….


What goes around comes around
Sadly that stuff is a fact
Never in my life did I think
I’ll go back to how I began

Just after I was able to fly
I’m back to struggling to crawl
Like when I was just a baby
When I knew nothing at all

Wise I was ,the world seeked my advice
Now I’m as clueless as a fool
Struggling to understand simple things
Like a baby learning his ABC

One drug after the other, I swallowed everyday
The people I once took care of
Now shower me with so much love
Everyone now says I shouldn’t stress
Back then ,I was frustrated as hell
Chasing their little legs as they run from my wrath

So fast time did pass, I look back and I smile
Indeed there’s Time for everything, Soon it would be time to go
One thing I’ve learnt in my short long life
Is that you should never waste time
For that moment you see right now,
You’ll see it no more.

Title: Life

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